Irene G. Scholten, Denmark, 1996

DK/Short fiction

A homage to life! A day at the Zoo can change your life if you have an open and daring heart. The story of the adventures of an elderly couple during a picnic to the Zoological Gardens. The woman experiences another dimension of vitality and energy through her meeting with the animals. This experience turns out fatal. A film filled with music, dance, and animals. Sparkling with vitality and revolution.
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Original title Zoo
Danish title Zoo
Director Irene G. Scholten
Screenplay Irene G. Scholten
Director of Photography Lars Vestergaard
Editor Christin Illeborg, Irene G. Scholten
Sound Manuel Espasandin, Jens Friis-Hansen, Manuel Espasandin
Appearance Gerda Gilboe, Cay Kristiansen
Production country Denmark
Production company Det Danske Filmværksted
International sales
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Irene G. Scholten


Script Irene G. Scholten


Cinematography Lars Vestergaard


Editing Christin Illeborg
Editing Irene G. Scholten


Sound Manuel Espasandin
Sound Jens Friis-Hansen
Sound Manuel Espasandin


Appearance Gerda Gilboe
Appearance Cay Kristiansen

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