Simon Staho, Denmark, 1998

95 min.DK/Feature

Ossy and Jimmy have been friends since childhood. For eight years they travelled the wildside all over the world, often getting involved in crime. But now Jimmy has settled down; he has a wife, a child, and a job in Iceland. One day Ossy, a desperado, comes to see him; he wants to pick up where their dangerous friendship left off, but Jimmy rebuffs him, as he is now a different man. But just who is Ossy? Does he have a secret? Ossy seems to be seeking his own doom; he provokes a conflict with a local drug dealer and possesses dangerous self-destructive powers. But once stripped of everything he is finally ready to reconcile himself to his fate - and to Jimmy.
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Original title Vildspor
Danish title Vildspor
Director Simon Staho
Screenplay Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Simon Staho
Producer Henrik Danstrup
Director of Photography Jón Karl Helgason
Editor Anne Østerud
Sound Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Composer Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Production designer Árni Páll Johansson
Appearance Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mads Mikkelsen, Nukâka Motzfeldt, Pálína Jónsdóttir
Production country Denmark, Iceland
Production company Balboa 2
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
International sales TrustNordisk
Technical info 2599 meter, 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 07.05.1998
Cinemas Palads, Scala, Drive In Bio, Grand, Gladsaxe Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), Bio Lyngby X-Y-Z samt 15 biografer i provinsen
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Balboa 2
Domestic distribution Nordisk Film Biografdistribution


Direction Simon Staho
Assistant director Lísa Kristjansdóttir


Script Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Script Simon Staho
Script consultant Helga Vala Helgadóttir
Script consultant Sigridur Kristinsdóttir
Script supervisor Helga Vala Helgadóttir
Script supervisor Sigridur Kristinsdóttir


Producer Henrik Danstrup
Executive producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen
Executive producer Fridrik Thór Fridriksson
Production manager Kristin Arason
Production manager Lene Irgens
Post-production assistant Anne Katrine Andersen
Production coordinator: post-production Lene Irgens
Production coordinator Hrönn Kristinsdóttir
Production coordinator Rikke Laursen
Production coordinator Allan Sperling


Cinematography Jón Karl Helgason
Key grip Olafur Jónasson

Electrical dept.

Best boy Ingvar Stefánsson


Editing Anne Østerud
Assistant editor Pernille Bärnheim
Assistant editor Pelle Folmer
Assistant editor Anne Hovad Fischer


Music Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Production design

Production design Árni Páll Johansson


Makeup artist Lis Louis-Jensen
Makeup artist Hanna Maja


Sound Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Sound Thorbjørn Erlingsson


Stunt Stig Günther


Ossy Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Jimmy Mads Mikkelsen
Jóna Nukâka Motzfeldt
Anna Pálína Jónsdóttir
Thorbjörn Sævar Örn
Jónas morfar Jón Sigurbjörnsson
Stefán Egill Ólafsson
Sigursveinn Finnur Jóhannsson
Thórhildur Hrönn Steingrímsdottír

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Awards and nominations

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Award Year Festival
Shown in Zabaltegi 1998 San Sebastian International Film Festival 1998

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
San Sebastian International Film Festival 1998-09-17
Haugesund, Den Norske Filmfestivalen 1998-08-23
Cannes, Festival de 1998-05-13
Stockholm International Film Festival 1997-11-07
Det Danske Filminstitut registrerer international festivaldeltagelse og priser til danske film, dog primært de titler, som Filminstituttet varetager i sin festivaldistribution, og primært i forbindelse med de festivaler, som Filminstituttet har prioriteret at samarbejde med. Registreringen af festivaldeltagelse og priser til danske film, der ikke er i festivaldistribution, foretages kun for "launch"-festivaler ifølge Filminstituttets prioriterede festivalliste. Se listen over prioriterede festivaler.
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