Victim of Love

Jesper Isaksen, Denmark, 2019

95 min.DK/Feature

Charly is looking for his American girlfriend, Amy, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a vacation stay at a hotel in Europe. As the police are yet to uncover Amy and the truth about her whereabouts, Charly decides to revisit the hotel to finally solve the mystery once and for all.
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Original title Victim of Love
Danish title Victim of Love
Director Jesper Isaksen
Screenplay Jesper Isaksen
Producer Jesper Isaksen, Julie Elisabeth Oest-Jacobsen
Director of Photography Matthias Tegtmeier
Editor Jesper Isaksen
Sound Peter Seeba
Composer Søren Haahr, Julian Winding
Production designer Heather Rogers Meister
Appearance Rudi Køhnke, Siff Andersson, Louise Cho, Paw Terndrup
Production country Denmark
Production company Bleed For This Picture
International sales
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Production company Bleed For This Picture


Direction Jesper Isaksen


Screenplay Jesper Isaksen


Producer Jesper Isaksen
Executive producer Rudi Køhnke
Producer Julie Elisabeth Oest-Jacobsen
Executive producer Matthias Tegtmeier


Cinematographer Matthias Tegtmeier


Editor Jesper Isaksen


Composer Søren Haahr
Composer Julian Winding

Production design

Production designer Heather Rogers Meister


Hair stylist Nina Popova
Makeup artist Mette Marie Hoegh von Essen


Sound designer Peter Seeba

Visual effects

VFX Jesper Banner
Colourist Norman Nisbet


Charly Rudi Køhnke
Felicija Siff Andersson
Amy Louise Cho
Frederik Paw Terndrup
Chloe Sabrina Ferguen
Ludwig Jens Blegaa

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