The Magic Life of V

Tonislav Hristov, Finland, 2019

83 min.Documentary

A creative documentary about a young lady using the magic of LARPing (live-role-playing) in order to cope with her family problems. Haunted by her childhood traumas she is trying to help her mentally disabled brother to become more independent through live-role-playing. As she guides the brother through the world of multiple roles and identities, witches and wizards and medieval knights, she finally finds the courage to face the demons of her own past; namely their abusive father. Veera decides to help her brother by introducing him to LARPing. Most of all, she decides to use the magic of live-role-playing and find the courage to vanquish her demons; to meet and confront their father.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title The Magic Life of V
Danish title Veras magiske liv
Keywords 2010-2019, Finland, Siblings, Traumas, Alcohol abuse, Role playing games, mentally disabled, The, Family sociology
Director Tonislav Hristov
Screenplay Tonislav Hristov, Kaarle Aho
Producer Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg
Director of Photography Alexander Stanishev
Editor Anne Jünemann, Tonislav Hristov
Sound Jaques Pedersen
Appearance Veera Lapinkoski, Ville Oksanen, Asta Tikkanen, Slava Doycheva
Production country Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria
International sales
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Production company
Executive Producer Making Movies Oy
Co-production Kirstine Barfod Film, Soul Food
With support from Creative Europe
In collaboration with Finska Filmstiftelsen, YLE, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Det Danske Filminstitut, AVEK, Bulgarian National Film Center, SVT, ARTE


Direction Tonislav Hristov


Screenplay Tonislav Hristov
Screenplay Kaarle Aho


Producer Kaarle Aho
Producer Kai Nordberg
Co-producer Kirstine Barfod
Co-producer Andrea Stanoeva


Director of Photography Alexander Stanishev


Editor Anne Jünemann
Editor Tonislav Hristov


Sound designer Jaques Pedersen
Re-recording mixer Jaques Pedersen
Sound design assistant Christian Munk Scheuer
Foley artist Catrine le Dous
Sound: post-production Peter Seeba


Appearance Veera Lapinkoski
Appearance Ville Oksanen
Appearance Asta Tikkanen
Appearance Slava Doycheva
Appearance Heikki Oksanen
Appearance Mike Pohjola
Appearance Mikael Saarinen

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