Venner forever

Stefan Henszelman, Denmark, 1985

47 min.DK/Short fictionYouth films

15-year-old Kristian is new in his class. He wants to make friends with the trendsetters, but is taken into a different world when he meets Henrik from a parallel class. He is a more mature boy who seems far more open, exciting and attractive to Kristian. But Patrick, who is the dominant boy in Kristian's class, hates Henrik. Uncertain and without thinking about it, Kristian starts to make a strategy for his behaviour. What will be worth doing, how can he please everybody? Where does he belong?
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Original title Venner forever
Danish title Venner forever
Keywords Boys, Young people, Friendship
Director Stefan Henszelman
Screenplay Stefan Henszelman
Director of Photography Marcel Berga
Editor Stefan Henszelman
Sound Lars Lund, Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen
Composer Morti Vizki, Christian Scheel
Appearance Claus Bender Mortensen, Thomas Elholm, Thomas Sigsgaard, Christine Skou
Production country Denmark
Production company Jens Ravn Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
International sales
Technical info 16 mm, color
Danish theatrical release 31.08.1985
Cinemas Dagmar, Delta, Café Biografen (Odense), Bio 25 (Haderslev), Biografen (Nørre Sundby), Øst for Paradis (Århus)
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Jens Ravn Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Stefan Henszelman
Continuity Anne Clavering


Script Stefan Henszelman


Cinematography Marcel Berga
Camera assistant Eigil Jacobsen


Editing Stefan Henszelman


Music Morti Vizki
Music Christian Scheel


Wardrobe Bente Ranning


Sound Lars Lund
Sound Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen


Appearance Claus Bender Mortensen
Appearance Thomas Elholm
Appearance Thomas Sigsgaard
Appearance Christine Skou
Appearance Claus Steenstrup Nielsen
Appearance Lars Jakobsen
Appearance Christian Kamienski
Appearance Rasmus Bay Barlby
Appearance Hans Henrik Voetmann
Appearance Rita Angela
Appearance Hanne Windfeld
Appearance Christine Seedorff
Appearance Kristina Søndergaard
Appearance Michael Fardan
Appearance Asger Malmstrøm Jensen
Appearance Brian Christiansen

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