Under the Fold

Bo Juhl Nielsen, Denmark, 2013

8 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation, Film school films

At the beginning of the Great Depression a middle aged, worn out industrial worker named Frank loses the stability in his and his son's life when he loses his job. Homeless, and with his boy Andrew in tow, he struggles to find a job in streets crowded with unemployed workers. Desperately he spends his last dollar buying a newspaper containing job adverts and he searches through the city for a job.
As Frank is continuously rejected in his search and slowly getting low on options, the optimism in him disappears. Slowly he forgets the positive aspects of life. At the same time his son is turning the situation into an innocent and imaginative game, and without knowing it, Andrew is the solution to his father's depression.
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Original title Under the Fold
Danish title Under the Fold
Keywords Umemployment, Imagination, Depression, USA, 1930-1939, depression, The
Director Bo Juhl Nielsen
Screenplay Bo Juhl Nielsen
Editor Bo Juhl Nielsen
Sound Rune Thuelund
Composer Pablo Pico
Production country Denmark
Production company The Animation Workshop
International sales
Danish theatrical release 25.01.2012
Cinemas Fotorama (Viborg) samt 6/2 i Cinemateket, København, 13/2 i Biffen, Aalborg og 17/2 i Teater Refleksion, Aarhus
Danish festival release 26.08.2013, Café Biografen (Odense), Odense Filmfestival
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Production company The Animation Workshop


Direction Bo Juhl Nielsen


Screenplay Bo Juhl Nielsen
Script consultant Michael Valeur
Script consultant Jericca Cleland
Script supervisor Uri Kranot


Production supervisor Anja Perl
Production supervisor Michelle Nardone


Editor Bo Juhl Nielsen


Composer Pablo Pico


Sound designer Rune Thuelund
Sound supervisor Thomas Ahlmark
Sound design consultant Peter Albrechtsen


Art director Sara Mai Olsen
Art director Rune Rask Langkilde
CG artist Simon Lee Bresling
Animation Thomas Vind Mortensen
Animation Stine Agerskov Frandsen
Assistant animator Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop
Assistant animator Matthias Parchettka
Assistant animator Tor Christian Engdal
Assistant animator Adrian Walt
Animation supervisor Tod Polson
Animation supervisor Sean Ermey
Animation supervisor Kay Delventhal
Animation supervisor Ole Guldbrandsen
Animation supervisor Andreas Krein
Technical supervisor Svend Nordby

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