The Trouble with Nature

Illum Jacobi, Denmark, 2020

95 min.DK/FeatureHistorical drama

Rampant debt and a significant midlife crisis send philosopher Edmund Burke fleeing from London to embark on an expedition through the French Alps. He brings along a servant on loan from his brother's plantation in the West Indies, a young indigenous woman named Awak. Together they set out to discover the sublime. Ill-equipped for the outdoor life, Burke whinges the days away while Awak carries all their supplies and makes sure his face is perpetually powdered.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title The Trouble with Nature
Danish title The Trouble with Nature
Director Illum Jacobi
Screenplay Hans Frederik Jacobsen, Illum Jacobi
Producer Illum Jacobi, Xavier Rocher, Marina Perales Marhuenda, Katja Adomeit
Appearance Antony Langdon, Nathalia Acevedo, Andrew Jeffers, Ian Burns
Production country Denmark, France
International sales Adomeit Film ApS
Comment Feature film debut by director and cinematographer Illum Jacobi.
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Production company
Executive Producer Adomeit Film ApS


Direction Illum Jacobi


Screenplay Hans Frederik Jacobsen
Screenplay Illum Jacobi


Producer Illum Jacobi
Producer Xavier Rocher
Producer Marina Perales Marhuenda
Producer Katja Adomeit


Edmund Burke Antony Langdon
Awak Nathalia Acevedo
Appearance Andrew Jeffers
Appearance Ian Burns
Appearance Ulrik Wivel

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Morelia International Film Festival 2020-12-18
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2020-11-05
Sao Paulo Int. Film Festival 2020-10-22
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