The Thunderstones

Lau Lauritzen Sr., Denmark, 1927

92 min.DK/FeatureComedy, FarceSilent films

Hans and Elinor are in love, but have to meet clandestinely to avoid the keen eyes of the headmistress at the home for girls where Elinor lives. When they are discovered, they seek refuge in a Chinese gazebo used by the vagabonds Pat and Patachon as a cheap summer residence. However, the two vagabonds quickly vacate the premises to let the young couple stay there. As a thank you, Hans, who is a sailor, enrols Long and Short as part of the crew on his rich uncle’s boat and invites the entire girls’ institute and its headmistress on a sailing trip. In disguise, Hans hopes to spend some time with Elinor, but once again they fail to deceive the headmistress. Long and Short now come upon the idea of hiring a brickworks, whose owner turns out to be Elinor’s uncle. But mysterious things happen at the factory, which does not make entirely ordinary bricks, and Long and Short find themselves caught up in yet another heady drama.
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Original title Tordenstenene
Danish title Tordenstenene
International titles Auf dem Pulverfaß
Director Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Screenplay Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Director of Photography Valdemar Christensen, Hugo J. Fischer
Appearance Carl Schenstrøm, Harald Madsen, Karin Nellemose, Erling Schroeder
Production country Denmark
Production company Palladium
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium
International sales
Technical info 2725 meter, 35 mm, tinted, Silent
Danish theatrical release 26.12.1927
Cinemas World Cinema
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Production company Palladium
Domestic distribution Film-Centralen-Palladium


Direction Lau Lauritzen Sr.


Script Lau Lauritzen Sr.


Cinematography Valdemar Christensen
Cinematography Hugo J. Fischer


Fyrtaarnet Carl Schenstrøm
Bivognen Harald Madsen
Ellinor Karin Nellemose
Hans Erling Schroeder
Direktøren Philip Bech
Institutbestyrerinden Ingeborg Gandrup
Den mystiske dame Clara Schwartz
Professor Owen Charles Wilken
Inspektør Rostow Anton de Verdier
Husbestyrerinden Kate Fabian
Arbejderformanden Kai Holm
Appearance Henry Nielsen

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