Tilbage til byen

Michael W. Horsten, Denmark, 1999

18 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films

Alice and her parents are moving from the city to the countryside. But it is difficult for Alice to say goodbye to all her friends, and it is not easy to get used to the new surroundings. Resistance to her new situation continues for a while, but fortunately the new places turn out to have some positive elements as well. Animals and a new girlfriend turn up, and anyhow you can always plan to return to the city in future, and back to all your old friends.
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Original title Tilbage til byen
Danish title Tilbage til byen
Other titles Karla Kanin bio 4, Filmhits for børn 3
Keywords Girls, Moving, Town and country
Director Michael W. Horsten
Screenplay Michael W. Horsten, Naja Marie Aidt
Producer Henrik Møller-Sørensen
Director of Photography Steffen Led Sørensen
Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Sound Christian Lørup
Composer Mattias Jacobsen
Appearance Emilie Stenov, Vera Nygård, Sasia Mølgaard, Tess Sophie Skadegård Thorsen
Production country Denmark
Production company ASA Film Production
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
International sales
Technical info 35 mm, 1,85:1 - Widescreen, color, Dolby
Danish theatrical release 06.04.2001
Cinemas Palads
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company ASA Film Production
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Michael W. Horsten


Script Michael W. Horsten
Script Naja Marie Aidt


Producer Henrik Møller-Sørensen


Cinematography Steffen Led Sørensen


Stills Per Folkver


Editing Nanna Frank Møller


Music Mattias Jacobsen


Sound Christian Lørup


Alice Emilie Stenov
Inger Marie Vera Nygård
Tanya Sasia Mølgaard
Stephanie Tess Sophie Skadegård Thorsen
Mor Puk Scharbau
Far Troels Lyby

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Discovery - Scotland's Int. Film Fest for Children & Young People 2002-11-27
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2002-03-27
TIFF Kids 2001-04-20
Malmö, BUFF 2001-03-13
New York International Children's Film Festival 2001-02-01
Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival 2000-10-12
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2000-08-14
Giffoni Film Festival 2000-07-15
Poznan Ale Kino! International Children's Film Festival 2000-05-15
Malmö, BUFF 2000-03-13
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