The Leap – inside Architect Dorte Mandrup’s Mind

Ane Skak, Niels Bjørn, Denmark, 2019

21 min.Interactive projectsVirtual reality

You are invited on a journey to UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Icefjord in Greenland and The Wadden Sea in Denmark to experience world-famous architecture shaped by unique landscapes, climate and human conditions. The viewer is immersed in internationally acclaimed Danish architect Dorte Mandrup’s universe and will discover how she weaves aesthetics, functionality and sustainability closely together to create landmark architecture. The VR experience aims to capture the thought process and creative process of an architect devoted to pushing materials and experimenting with form until something “leaps” inside of her, as she puts it, and she realizes the building is about to land as architecture.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Springet
Danish title Springet
Director Ane Skak, Niels Bjørn
Producer Ane Skak
Director of Photography Maria E. Larsen, Frederik Wolf Teglhus
Editor Dante Høst, Nanna Rebekka
Sound Jamie Louis Thurman
Production designer Kirstine Auener, Oscar Pontén
Appearance Dorte Mandrup
Production country Denmark
Production company Immersive Stories
International sales
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Production company Immersive Stories
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Ane Skak
Direction Niels Bjørn


Producer Ane Skak


Cinematographer Maria E. Larsen
Cinematographer Frederik Wolf Teglhus

Electrical dept.

Best boy Elke Laleman


Editor Dante Høst
Editor Nanna Rebekka

Production design

Production designer Kirstine Auener
Production designer Oscar Pontén


Sound designer Jamie Louis Thurman

Visual effects

Graphic design and animation Hodja Berlev
Colourist Christian Schwanenflügel


Appearance Dorte Mandrup

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