Sofies verden

Erik Gustavson, Norway, 1999

111 min.Feature

Sofie is an ordinary Norwegian girl. One day she recieves a video tape on which a certain Alberto Knox talks directly to her from ancient Greece. They then start to meet at different occasions and throughout the film, Alberto takes Sofie on an odyssey of the history of philosophy, from ancient Greece, over the Roman empire, the Middle ages, the renaissance, the enlightenment, the big revolutions and up to today. Throughout this journey, they start to realise that they are only fictions of a story writer's imagination and start conceiving a plan for escaping into reality.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Sofies verden
Danish title Sofies verden
Director Erik Gustavson
Screenplay Petter Skavlan
Director of Photography Kjell Vassdal
Editor Anne Andressen
Composer Randall Meyers
Production designer Bjarte Ulfstein
Appearance Silje Storstein, Tomas von Brömssen, Andrine Sæther, Bjørn Floberg
Production country Norway
Production company NRK Drama
Domestic distribution SF Film A/S
International sales
Technical info 3024 meter
Danish theatrical release 05.11.1999
Cinemas Grand, Café Biografen (Odense), Øst for Paradis (Århus)
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company NRK Drama
Domestic distribution SF Film A/S


Direction Erik Gustavson


Script Petter Skavlan


Production Oddvar Bull Tuhus
Production Michael Elson
Production John M. Jacobsen


Cinematography Kjell Vassdal


Editing Anne Andressen


Music Randall Meyers

Production design

Production design Bjarte Ulfstein


Sofie Silje Storstein
Alberto Knox Tomas von Brömssen
Sofies mor Andrine Sæther
Albert Knag Bjørn Floberg
Appearance Hans Alfredson
Appearance Jesper Christensen
Appearance Nils Vogt

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