A ship and a couple of stars

Bjarne Henning-Jensen, Denmark, 1974

84 min.DK/Feature

Left stranded on a tiny island in the Baltic Sea are four very different people who form a kind of romantic-mystic friendship: an old salt, who cannot find his land legs, a young boy on the run from an unfriendly big city environment, an Eastern European musician who got through the Iron Curtain and a woman champion rower who took the same route. Can these four unite in putting their past behind them?
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Original title Skipper & Co.
Danish title Skipper & Co.
Director Bjarne Henning-Jensen
Screenplay Bjarne Henning-Jensen
Director of Photography Dirk Brüel
Editor Bjarne Henning-Jensen
Sound Gérard Rueff
Composer Lars Jensen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Production designer Viggo Bentzon
Appearance Karl Stegger, Morten Jacobsen, Lykke Nielsen, Agnes Dudás
Production country Denmark
Production company Rialto Film
Domestic distribution Warner & Constantin
International sales
Technical info 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 16.12.1974
Cinemas Alexandra
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Rialto Film
Domestic distribution Warner & Constantin


Direction Bjarne Henning-Jensen


Script Bjarne Henning-Jensen


Production Preben Philipsen


Cinematography Dirk Brüel
Camera assistant Morten Bruus
Camera assistant Birger Bohm


Electrical dept. Per Jørgensen


Editing Bjarne Henning-Jensen
Assistant editor Carola Rueff


Music Lars Jensen
Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Musician Lars Holm
Musician Svend-Erik Nørregaard
Musician Ole Molin
Musician Mads Vinding
Musician Paul Erik Vilsbæk


Production designer Viggo Bentzon


Sound Gérard Rueff
Sound mixer Gérard Rueff

Andre credits

Assistant Lizzi Weischenfeldt
Assistant Knud Hauge
Assistant Bitten Højmark
Assistant Claus Paludan


Skipper Karl Stegger
Peter Morten Jacobsen
Peters mor Lykke Nielsen
Inëse Agnes Dudás
David Stephan Schwartz
Appearance Ebba With
Appearance Edward Fleming
Appearance Mikael Voss
Tomler Lisbet Lundquist
Appearance Mogens Hermansen
Appearance Martin Højmark
Fortællerstemme Jørgen Ifversen

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