Shanghai Spaces

Nanna Frank Møller, Denmark, 2009

60 min.DK/Documentary

Shanghai is an explosion of transformation. Every other day a new building is completed, and every year the city's population grows by half a million people. Authorities are desperately seeking out more space, while the city's inhabitants must adapt to constantly changing surroundings. In an office on the 20th floor, government advisor Professor Shu prepares the next generation of young urban planners for Shanghai's future. In order to find the space needed for Shanghai's millions of inhabitants, planners are now looking underground.
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Original title Shanghai Space
Danish title Shanghai Space
Other titles CITIES ON SPEED, CITIES ON SPEED - Shanghai Space
Keywords Urban planning, Megacities, Urbanization, China, Shanghai
Director Nanna Frank Møller
Director of Photography Ke Dingding, Nanna Frank Møller
Editor Åsa Mossberg
Sound Niels Arild
Production country Denmark
Production company Bastard Film
International sales DR International Sales
Technical info 16:9, color, Stereo
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Bastard Film


Direction Nanna Frank Møller


Production Helle Faber


Cinematography Ke Dingding
Cinematography Nanna Frank Møller


Editing Åsa Mossberg


Sound Niels Arild

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Hamburg FilmFest GmbH 2010-09-30
Dokufest Prizren 2010-07-31
Melbourne Film Festival 2010-07-23
Warszawa, Against Gravity 2010-05-08
ZagrebDox 2010-02-28
Göteborg International Film Festival 2010-01-29
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