Sarajevo Pacified

Andreas Bøggild Monies, Denmark, 2007

DK/Short fiction

Emira and Adis both survived the siege of Sarajevo during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Now, more than 10 years later, Emira, aged 28 and Adis, 26, tell us about the life as a teenager in a war zone and how it has affected them. The interviews in the film vary with shots - at times very brutal - from the harsh reality of the war, both from the official archives as well as private recordings from people who lived in the war zone. With its unique language and strong intensity Sarajevo, Pacified is a journey through the memories of the two young people - memories they rarely share with others.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Sarajevo Pacified
Danish title Sarajevo Pacified
Director Andreas Bøggild Monies
Screenplay Andreas Bøggild Monies
Producer Jesper Dein, Andreas Bøggild Monies
Director of Photography Andreas Bøggild Monies
Editor Andreas Bøggild Monies
Appearance Adis Djapo, Radovan Karadzic, Emira Mesanovic
Production country Denmark
Production company Danmarks Radio, Monies Film
Domestic distribution Danmarks Radio
International sales
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Production company Danmarks Radio, Monies Film
Domestic distribution Danmarks Radio


Direction Andreas Bøggild Monies


Screenplay Andreas Bøggild Monies


Executive producer Jens Bruun Christensen
Producer Jesper Dein
Producer Andreas Bøggild Monies


Cinematographer Andreas Bøggild Monies


Editor Andreas Bøggild Monies


Sound mixer Kim G. Hansen


Appearance Adis Djapo
Appearance Radovan Karadzic
Appearance Emira Mesanovic

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