Sådan er søskende - Mig og min tvilling

Mikala Krogh, Denmark, 2011

20 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films, Portrait films

Cecilie and Katrine are identical twins. They will begin in a new school after the Summer Holiday, but
in separate classes. This is their decision, since they want to try getting new friends that they
do not always have to share. The twins used to lookexactly the same, but since Cecilie got cancer
they do not look that similar anymore. Mainly because Cecilie has lost her hair from all the
medicine she has to take to get better. Cecilie and Katrine are both nervous about how it is going to go, and the first big questions are whether Katrine shall wear a jumpsuit to school and whether Cecilie should go with the wig or a cap as she usually does. Both girls are excited as the first day of School arrives.
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Original title Sådan er søskende - Mig og min tvilling
Danish title Sådan er søskende - Mig og min tvilling
Keywords Families, Siblings, Sisters, Twins, Cancer
Director Mikala Krogh
Producer Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde, Stefan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg
Director of Photography Mikala Krogh, Adam Philp
Editor Cathrine Ambus
Sound Morten Green
Composer Asger & Peder
Production country Denmark
Production company Radiator Film ApS
International sales Radiator Film ApS
Danish festival release 24.09.2011, Grand, BUSTER 2011
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Radiator Film ApS


Direction Mikala Krogh


Producer Bodil Cold-Ravnkilde
Producer Stefan Frost
Producer Henrik Underbjerg
Post-producton coordinator Signe Baasch


Cinematography Mikala Krogh
Cinematography Adam Philp


Editing Cathrine Ambus
Assistant editor Liv Lynge


Composer Asger & Peder


Sound engineer Morten Green

Visual effects

Colourist Adelsteinn Hallgrimsson
Graphic design and title sequence Jenz Koudahl
Title sequence Adelsteinn Hallgrimsson

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage 2012-10-31
Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival 2012-10-26
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012-06-20
Malmö, BUFF 2012-03-13
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2012-03-09
Aarhus, Nordisk Panorama 2011-09-23
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