Daan Bol, Netherlands, 2016

24 min.DocumentaryYouth films

Vinyl records, rehearsal spaces, Seventies shirts and music, especially lots of music! That’s what the lives of the three best friends Sia (15), Bas (14) and Vince (13) consist of. For years they’ve been the psychedelic rock band Morgana’s Illusion. But recently everything has changed: Sia is depressed and Bas and Vince now rehearse without him. They don’t just find that boring, but it also puts the future of the band at stake. Will the three of them ever perform together again?

'ROCKNROLLERS' is a lively youth rockumentary about friendship, growing up and the power of music.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Rock'n'rollers
Danish title Rock'n'rollers
Keywords Holland, Young people, Rock musicians, Rock, Friendship, Depression, Music, Unity
Director Daan Bol
Producer Katja Draaijer, Frank Hoeve, Pita de Leeuw, Anna van der Staak
Director of Photography Wilko van Oosterhout
Editor Luuk van Stegeren
Production country Netherlands
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut
International sales
Online release 25.10.2017
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Baldr Films
Co-production VPRO TV
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Daan Bol


Producer Katja Draaijer
Producer Frank Hoeve
Producer Pita de Leeuw
Producer Anna van der Staak


Cinematographer Wilko van Oosterhout


Editor Luuk van Stegeren


Sound Dennis Kersten
Sound Victor Horstink
Sound editor Dennis Kersten
Sound mixer Dennis Kersten

Visual effects

Grading Michiel Rummens
Graphic design Bobbi Oskam

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