Jewel of the desert

Thomas Borch Nielsen, Denmark, 2001

77 min.DK/FeatureChildren's films

The classic family film for children and modern special effects combine in Thomas Borch Nielsen's colourful tale about Annie and Oskar, a brother and sister who find themselves on an unusual holiday. Their trip to see their ultra-correct uncle, Constable Bent, promises to be no more than a couple of dull days in a boring little town, but surprises await by the score. Two thieves and their cheeky parrot escape from gaol and steal a retired general's camel, a beast that is large, lively, and omnivorous. Annie and Oskar start investigating, as does Uncle Bent and the local detective, Snudekaft. But the riddle they are faced with proves a tough one to crack.
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Original title Ørkenens juvel
Danish title Ørkenens juvel
Director Thomas Borch Nielsen
Screenplay Arne Siemsen, Søren Frellesen
Director of Photography Torben Forsberg
Editor Kasper Leick
Sound Bjørn Vidø
Composer Frithjof Toksvig
Production designer Camilla Bjørnvad, Marianne Nilsson
Appearance Cecilie Egemose Østerby, Kåve Pour, Arne Siemsen, Niels Anders Thorn
Production country Denmark
Production company Thura Film
Domestic distribution SF Film A/S
International sales All Right Film A/S
Technical info 2104 meter, 35 mm, 1,85:1 - Widescreen, color, Dolby SR
Danish theatrical release 02.02.2001
Cinemas Palads, Lyngby, Scala, Gladsaxe Bio, Værløse Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), Kastrup Bio, Ballerup, Gentofte Kino, Albertslund Bio, CinemaxX, Empire, Vanløse Bio samt 49 biografer i provinsen.
DFI subsidy 60 / 40 støtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Thura Film
Domestic distribution SF Film A/S


Direction Thomas Borch Nielsen


Script Arne Siemsen
Script Søren Frellesen


Production Michael Obel
Production manager Tina Winholt


Cinematography Torben Forsberg


Editing Kasper Leick


Music Frithjof Toksvig


Production design Camilla Bjørnvad
Production design Marianne Nilsson
Set dresser Lars Fog-Møller
Set dresser Christina Folting


Wardrobe Jane Barlebo


Sound Bjørn Vidø


Papegøje Ulf Pilgaard

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Kirsten Skytte


Annie Cecilie Egemose Østerby
Oscar Kåve Pour
General Arne Siemsen
Politi-Bent Niels Anders Thorn
Annies mor Andrea Vagn Jensen
Snudeskaft Peter Hesse Overgaard
Gunnar Preben Harris
Knud Amin Jensen
Dyrlæge Gyrd Løfquist

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