Order Rules in Denmark

Franco Invernizzi, Denmark, 1982

49 min.DK/Documentary

Denmark is a small country in the freest of all worlds, a little custard pie with a rich topping. But of course, there are limits to how sharply one can focus. A survey of the Rebild action by the theatre group SOLVOGNEN, old age pensioners' demonstrations, squatters, the struggle for BYGGEREN, the activities of the riot squad in Christiania, Kastrup Glassworks 1976 and Central Tryk in Taulov 1981.
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Original title Orden hersker i Danmark
Danish title Orden hersker i Danmark
Keywords Freedom of speech, Protesters, Demonstrations, Denmark, 1970-1979, 1980-1989
Director Franco Invernizzi
Screenplay Franco Invernizzi
Director of Photography Jes Bonde
Editor Jes Bonde, Franco Invernizzi
Sound Gitte Vendelbo
Production country Denmark
Production company Det Danske Filmværksted
International sales
Technical info 16 mm, 1,37:1 Academy, color, Mono
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Franco Invernizzi


Script Franco Invernizzi


Cinematography Jes Bonde


Editing Jes Bonde
Editing Franco Invernizzi


Sound Gitte Vendelbo

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