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Claus Ploug, Denmark, 1988

91 min.DK/Feature

Thrown together by fate, two men of different social backgrounds experience a measure of fellow-feeling in this tightly cast melodrama. Debt-ridden and after a fight with his wife, one of the men wanders aimlessly around, steals a taxi, gives the other man a lift, a man more affluent than himself and who also has problems with the opposite sex. A chance encounter with an unknown woman provides new challenges.
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Original title Opbrud
Danish title Opbrud
Director Claus Ploug
Screenplay Morten Sabroe
Director of Photography Henrik Heger
Editor Jørgen Kastrup
Sound Jan Juhler
Composer Elith Nulle Nykjær Jørgensen, Billie Holiday
Production designer Tove Robert Rasmussen
Appearance Kim Jansson, Claus Strandberg, Pernille Winton, Tina Myra Matharu
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Obel Film
Technical info 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 15.04.1988
Cinemas Odense, Århus, Palads, Delta
Find more Anders Jühler: Glaspyramiden. Levende Billeder 4/1988.
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Obel Film
Domestic distribution Obel Film


Direction Claus Ploug
Continuity Annemarie Aaes
Continuity assistant Stine Monty Freddie


Script Morten Sabroe


Production manager Henriette Sørensen
Production assistant Hanne Juhler


Cinematography Henrik Heger
Camera assistant Uffe Kaare Thomsen


Still photographer Leni Strandberg


Electrical dept. Michael Sørensen
Electrical dept. Svend Bregenborg
Electrical dept. Henrik Jongdahl


Editing Jørgen Kastrup


Music Elith Nulle Nykjær Jørgensen
Music Billie Holiday


Production designer Tove Robert Rasmussen


Sound Jan Juhler


Den yngre mand Kim Jansson
Passager Claus Strandberg
Pige, der kommer med i bilen Pernille Winton
Pige i port Tina Myra Matharu
Mand i port Henrik Jandorf
Pige i lejlighed Jytte Pilloni
Kroværtinde Gunhild Larsen
Mekaniker Morten Suurballe
Tjener Søren Thomsen

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