Once Upon a Candle

Humphrey Erm, Denmark, 2014

6 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation, Film school films

On a quiet evening in the 1800s, an author is busy writing a masterpiece. To light up his desk, a young and enthusiastic candle stands beside him, at first excited about the prospect of being useful but sadly disillusioned when he realizes just how short his life will be if he remains lit. With the help of his new friends, the inkwell and the quill, he comes to terms with the basic facts of life but will he live long enough to appreciate it?
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Original title Once Upon a Candle
Danish title Once Upon a Candle
Keywords Self-sacrifice, Altruism
Director Humphrey Erm
Editor Camilla S. Kristensen, Jonas B. Mikkelsen
Sound Alistair Hobson, Sam Begdouri
Composer Jon Eldridge
Production country Denmark
Production company The Animation Workshop
International sales
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Production company The Animation Workshop


Direction Humphrey Erm
Continuity Tazio Coolidge


Script consultant Jericca Cleland
Script consultant Luis Cook


Production supervisor Anja Perl
Production supervisor Michelle Nardone


Editor Camilla S. Kristensen
Editor Jonas B. Mikkelsen
Editing supervisor Uri Kranot


Composer Jon Eldridge


Sound designer Alistair Hobson
Sound designer Sam Begdouri
Sound Ben Dobson
Dubbing and mix Jake Burgoyne-Lock
Sound design consultant Peter Albrechtsen


The Candle Humphrey Erm
The Quill Carlton Fitzgerald


Animation Humphrey Erm
Animation Benny S. Sørensen
Animation Jonas B. Mikkelsen
CG artist Camilla S. Kristensen
CG artist Camilla T. Cording
Art director Bastian L. Strube
Art director Stephen Dyva
Assistant animator Tine A. Rinberg
Modelling artist Bjørn B. Sørensen
Rigger Morten Bøhne
Animation supervisor Tod Polson
Animation supervisor Sean Ermey
Animation supervisor Kay Delventhal
Animation supervisor Ole Guldbrandsen

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