Olafur Eliasson

Jacob Jørgensen, Denmark, 2010

77 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

Studio Olafur Eliasson is the name of Olafur Eliasson¿s designstudio in Berlin. It is one of the most creative workplaces in Europe, and the world famous pieces are created as a cooperation between researchers, engineers, architects, technicians and art historians. In this unique portrait JJ Film follows the Danish/ Icelandic artist and his projects ¿ from the first sketches to their final destinations, where the world press is waiting with high expectations to see the talented "Dane's" newest artistic ideas. The movie introduces many of Eliasson¿s biggest projects from the beginning to the final product and it takes the viewer behind the scenes to meet the otherwise media-shy artist.
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Original title Olafur Eliasson
Danish title Olafur Eliasson
Other titles Space is Process
Keywords Eliasson, Olafur, 2000-2009, Art, Artists
Director Jacob Jørgensen
Producer Nikolaj Vibe Michelsen
Director of Photography Mads Jørgensen, Martin Jørgensen, Henrik Lundø
Editor Henrik Lundø
Sound Jørgen Bo Behrensdorff
Production country Denmark
Production company JJ Film ApS
International sales First Hand Films World Sales
Technical info 16:9, color, Dolby SR
Danish theatrical release 19.05.2010
Cinemas vist på Diamanten, Det kgl. Bibliotek
TV release 25.05.2010, DR 2
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company JJ Film ApS


Direction Jacob Jørgensen


Producer Nikolaj Vibe Michelsen


Cinematography Mads Jørgensen
Cinematography Martin Jørgensen
Cinematography Henrik Lundø


Editing Henrik Lundø


Sound Jørgen Bo Behrensdorff

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