Blue collar white christmas

Max Kestner, Denmark, 2004

81 min.DK/Documentary

December 2001. The workers at the lifeboat factory Viking are preparing for the coming Christmas holiday when news arrives that Viking is to open a new factory in Thailand. Redundancy looms. Throughout the Christmas month we follow the four main characters - Diana, Lotte, Kragelund and Tobiesen. While notification of who is to be laid off draws closer, the air becomes thick with rumours and predictions. Life continues nevertheless. »Blue Collar White Christmas« is a series of humorous everyday chronicles dealing with the fear and necessity of change.
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Original title Nede på jorden
Danish title Nede på jorden
Other titles Vild med dansk 8
Keywords Denmark, Working conditions, Friendship, Everyday life, Business life, Factories, 2000-2009, Esbjerg
Director Max Kestner
Screenplay Dunja Gry Jensen
Producer Thomas Heurlin, Jens Pedersen
Director of Photography Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Editor Nanna Frank Møller
Sound Mick Raaschou, Henrik Gugge Garnov
Composer Povl Kristian
Appearance Diana Henningsen, Henrik Tobiesen, Charlotte Schønemann Bach, Henrik Kragelund
Production country Denmark
Production company Lynx Media, Koncern TV- og Filmproduktion
Domestic distribution Øst for Paradis
International sales TV 2 World
Technical info 35 mm, 1,85:1 - Widescreen, color, Dolby stereo
Danish theatrical release 05.03.2004
Cinemas Vester Vov Vov, Bio (Silkeborg), Café Biografen (Odense), Biffen (Aalborg), Øst for Paradis (Århus), Camera 5 (Silkeborg)
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Lynx Media, Koncern TV- og Filmproduktion
Domestic distribution Øst for Paradis


Direction Max Kestner


Script Dunja Gry Jensen


Producer Thomas Heurlin
Producer Jens Pedersen
Unit manager Helle Ulsteen
Production consultant Arne Bro
Production consultant Thomas Porskjær


Cinematography Henrik Bohn Ipsen


Stills Henrik Bohn Ipsen


Editing Nanna Frank Møller


Music Povl Kristian
Music producer Jacob Heldt


Sound engineer Mick Raaschou
Sound engineer Henrik Gugge Garnov


Appearance Diana Henningsen
Appearance Henrik Tobiesen
Appearance Charlotte Schønemann Bach
Appearance Henrik Kragelund
Appearance Anna Klokmose

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Awards and nominations

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Award Year Festival
Special Prize of The Jury 2004 Odense Internationale Film Festival 2004

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Helsinki Doc Point Documentary Film Festival 2007-01-24
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2005-07-01
Göteborg International Film Festival 2005-01-28
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2004-10-26
Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animation 2004-10-19
Chicago International Film Festival 2004-10-07
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004-08-18
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2004-08-09
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