Move On

Asger Leth, Germany, 2012

100 min.Feature

„Move On“ is the story of a flawed hero, played by Mads Mikkelsen and his journey throughout eight different countries in Europe. After stepping off a boat in Rotterdam he receives a mysterious silver suitcase. Delivering it from north to south is going to be his very last job, he assures. But what sounds like a simple transportation happens to become a thrilling chase with a secret counterparty and his own past. He doesn’t know what is inside the case, but his chasers seem to. And they are willing to do everything to take it from him. On this action-packed odyssey borders between friends and enemies seem to disappear. Not knowing whom to trust and whom to fear he starts a romance with a young woman (Gabriela Marcinkova), he meets on his way. But is she really just the charming pick-up she seems to be or is she after the case, too?
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Move On
Danish title Move On
Director Asger Leth
Director of Photography Philippe Kress
Appearance Mads Mikkelsen, Gabriela Marcinková, Karl Fischer
Production country Germany, Denmark
International sales
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Production company
Executive Producer FilmTeam, Jo!Schmid Filmproduktion
Co-production Nobody CPH


Direction Asger Leth


Cinematographer Philippe Kress


Mark Mads Mikkelsen
Agent Gabriela Marcinková
Contact Karl Fischer

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