Milad Alami, Denmark, 2014

27 min.DK/Short fiction

Simon lives with his mother in The North of Sweden. His mum is a body builder, who is working hard to get in shape for her next contest. Simon sacrifices everything to help her, but also realises that her body cannot hold out much longer. Simon finds himself in an impossible situation and has to make a very difficult decision. Either he has to leave his mother, knowing full well that she cannot cope by herself, or give up his own dreams and stay.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Mini
Danish title Mini
Keywords Body builders, Mother-son relationship
Director Milad Alami
Screenplay Milad Alami, Christian Gamst Miller-Harris
Producer Stinna Lassen
Director of Photography Adam Wallensten
Editor Anders Albjerg Kristiansen
Production designer Ted Kjellsson
Appearance Joel Lützow, Madelene Lundberg
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Swedish
Production company Garagefilm International, Windelov/Lassen
International sales
Danish festival release 10.04.2014, CPH:PIX
Online release 01.05.2015
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Garagefilm International, Windelov/Lassen
With support from Svenska Filminstitutet, New Danish Screen


Direction Milad Alami


Screenplay Milad Alami
Screenplay Christian Gamst Miller-Harris


Producer Stinna Lassen
Executive producer Vibeke Windeløv
Executive producer Mimmi Spång
Executive producer Rebecka Lafrenz
Production manager Therese Högberg


Cinematographer Adam Wallensten


Editor Anders Albjerg Kristiansen


Music Chicagojazzen

Production design

Production designer Ted Kjellsson


Sound Bo Asdal Andersen

Visual effects

Graphic design Åsmund Sollihøgda


Simon Joel Lützow
Lena Madelene Lundberg

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