My Embarrassing Family & the Spanish Slugs

Stefan Fjeldmark, Denmark, 2010

60 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

Sille is an ordinary girl, 12 years old and 364 days, pre-teenager with adhesive hearts on the pink laptop, ambitions of becoming a pop star, two chick girlfriends with whom she's practising MGP, a couple of nice parents and a little brother. And then there's juuuust a garden full of Spanish slugs. Well, it's the kind of year when 'Spanish slug epidemic', beer traps, salt and boiling water is on everybody's lips.

The door opens and a new, different, dark and mysterious guy steps into the class. His name is Edge. Edge makes rap music and he is 'street' totally different than the rest of the boys in class. Sille feels a vague disquiet and change. It finds its way into her musical compositions. "What's happening to me?"

And then she turns 13!
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Min pinlige familie og mutantdræbersneglene
Danish title Min pinlige familie og mutantdræbersneglene
Keywords Young people, Music, Puberty, Falling in love, Monsters
Director Stefan Fjeldmark
Screenplay Yaba Holst, Stefan Fjeldmark
Producer Astrid Hytten
Director of Photography Lars Reinholdt
Editor Benjamin Binderup
Sound Kim Dalum
Production designer Sidse Færk
Casting Tine Sætter-Lassen
Appearance Nanna Koppel, Ibo Chougeir, Jonas Schmidt, Kaya Brüel
Production country Denmark
Production company Fine & Mellow
International sales
TV release 30.10.2010, DR 1
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Fine & Mellow


Direction Stefan Fjeldmark
Casting Tine Sætter-Lassen
Continuity Sedsel Andersen
Acting coach Sarah Boberg


Script Yaba Holst
Script Stefan Fjeldmark
Script consultant Per Nielsen
Script consultant Mette Damgaard-Sørensen


Producer Astrid Hytten
Executive producer Thomas Gammeltoft
Location scout Rikke Ulnits
Producer: development Janni Helleskov
Production manager Emilie Steen
Unit manager Mette Kjærgaard
Producer's assistant Rikke Lassen
Production assistant Karina Lythcke
Production manager Mark Hollier
Production manager Therese Sachse
Animation producer Trine Heidegaard
Production manager Therese Sachse
Production manager Mark Hollier


Cinematography Lars Reinholdt
First assistant camera Søren Pedersen

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Morten Kastberg
Assistant lighting technician Tue Bengtsson


Editing Benjamin Binderup
Assistant editor William Dybeck Sørensen


Music coordinator Anders Hansen

Production design

Production design Sidse Færk
Set dresser Jeanette Clemmensen


Costumes: pre-production Rikke Simonsen
Costume on set Madeleine Ludvigsen


Makeup Sofie de Mylius


Sound Kim Dalum
Sound engineer: post-production Morten Wille
Music mixer Boe Larsen

Visual effects

Colourist Steen Linde
VFX supervisor Henrik Bach
3D visual effects supervisor Phillip Berg
3D VFX supervisor Phillip Berg


Choreography Liv Uggerhøj


Character modelling Cesar Dacol Jr.
Animation Zdenko Santini


Sille Nanna Koppel
Edge Ibo Chougeir
Far Jonas Schmidt
Mor Kaya Brüel
Kim Lasse Guldberg Kamper
Pia Therese Fitz Williams
Mia Alma Bay Kullberg
Lærer Peter Esben Pretzmann
Skoleinspektør Preben Harris

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