The Real Man in the Moon

Torben Skjødt Jensen, Denmark, 1993

4 min.DK/Short fiction

There are more than one way you can look into this strange little Danish film production. You could look at it as an Hommage - both celebrating the 3 minute Quicky the way they used to do it back then, and also celebrating one of the pioneers of film making, Georges Méliès, considered one of the fathers of narrative film-storytelling. But if you are really into it you could also choose to look at this as a European comment on the world of art and our ongoing competition with the Americans. Shot in one day, and edited in another during the summer of 1993 in the Boulogne forest in the center of Copenhagen, the film premiered at the Odense Film Festival in August and stirred up a tremendous response by the audience. Very suprisingly, as many Danes do not understand French and therefore did not understand any of the film's dialogue. Well, as you guessed - it's in French.
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Original title Le véritable homme dans la lune
Danish title Le véritable homme dans la lune
Other titles Minutfilm
Director Torben Skjødt Jensen
Screenplay Torben Skjødt Jensen
Director of Photography Edvard Friis-Møller
Editor Lars Beyer Vilstrup, Jens Ole Steen Svendsen
Appearance Alexander W. Jantzen, Malene Vilstrup, Steen Blendstrup, Thierry Legendre
Production country Denmark
Production company Kaj Mogens A/S, Film & Lyd ApS
International sales
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Kaj Mogens A/S, Film & Lyd ApS
Commissioned by Odense Kommune


Direction Torben Skjødt Jensen


Script Torben Skjødt Jensen


Production manager Simon Plum


Cinematography Edvard Friis-Møller


Editing Lars Beyer Vilstrup
Editing Jens Ole Steen Svendsen


Appearance Alexander W. Jantzen
Appearance Malene Vilstrup
Appearance Steen Blendstrup
Appearance Thierry Legendre
Appearance Ole Egholm

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