Johanna Yohanna

Thomas Danielsson, Denmark, 2003

30 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

"Six years in hell" is how Yohanna describes her first six years at school. She refused to conform with the hierarchy of the class, to submit to group pressure, and for this she paid a price. Yohanna was bullied. "I was abnormal and all the others were normal. That was what it felt like." Today Yohanna is 19 years old. She dealt with what she experienced and came out at the other end as a "whole" person. »Johanna! Yohanna! ¿ from Hell to Paradise« is a powerful documentary about a young person's fight for the right to be herself. The film is also unique because the audience is able to follow Yohanna from the first grade until she passes her A-levels ¿ from Johanna with a J to Yohanna with a Y.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Johanna Yohanna
Danish title Johanna Yohanna
Other titles Fra helvede til Paradis
Keywords Bullying, Schools
Director Thomas Danielsson
Screenplay Thomas Danielsson
Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen, Thomas Frantzén
Editor Kasper Leick
Sound Bjørn Vidø
Composer Lasse Dahlberg
Appearance Yohanna Troell
Production country Denmark, Sweden
Production company Spor Media, FilmWorks
International sales
Technical info 4:3, color, Stereo
Danish theatrical release 23.04.2003
Cinemas Park Bio
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Spor Media, FilmWorks


Direction Thomas Danielsson


Script Thomas Danielsson


Producer Signe Byrge Sørensen
Producer Thomas Frantzén


Stills Kirsten Bille


Editing Kasper Leick


Music Lasse Dahlberg


Sound Bjørn Vidø


Appearance Yohanna Troell

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