I am my own Dolly Parton

Jessica Nettelbladt, El Salvador, 2011

97 min.DK/Documentary

"I am my own Dolly Parton" is a deeply personal documentary directed by Jessica Nettelbladt, who spent a long time following music producer Gudrun Hauksdottir and singer Nina Persson, Cecilia Nordlund, Lotta Wenglén and Helena Josefsson - five colourful women inspired by Dolly Parton's strength to go her own way and defy the pressure to conform. Five women, ready to take on whatever challenges life throws at them, who take us on a thought-provoking and inspirational journey about taking yourself seriously, listening to your heart and having the courage to make your dreams come true.
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Original title Jag är min egen Dolly Parton
Danish title Jeg er min egen Dolly Parton
Keywords Music, Musicians, Sweden, 2010-2019, Parton, Dolly, Women, Inspiration, Persson, Nina
Director Jessica Nettelbladt
Screenplay Jessica Nettelbladt
Producer Stina Gardell
Director of Photography Manuel Alberto Claro, Jessica Nettelbladt
Editor Åsa Mossberg, Sofia Lindgren
Sound Martin Hennel
Composer Magnus Jarlbo
Appearance Nina Persson, Cecilia Nordlund, Lotta Wenglén, Helena Josefsson
Production country El Salvador, Denmark
Production company Mantaray Film AB
International sales
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Mantaray Film AB


Direction Jessica Nettelbladt


Script Jessica Nettelbladt


Producer Stina Gardell
Co-producer Lise Lense-Møller
Film consultant Tove Torbiörnsson
Film consultant Suzanne Glansborg


Cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro
Cinematographer Jessica Nettelbladt


Editor Åsa Mossberg
Editor Sofia Lindgren
Editing supervisor Niels Pagh Andersen


Music Magnus Jarlbo


Sound designer Martin Hennel


Appearance Nina Persson
Appearance Cecilia Nordlund
Appearance Lotta Wenglén
Appearance Helena Josefsson
Appearance Gudrún Hauksdóttir
Appearance Dolly Parton

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