I Will Be Murdered

Justin Webster, Spain, 2012

86 min.Documentary

In May 2009 Rodrigo Rosenberg, a wealthy and respected corporate attorney, was shot dead when out cycling near his office. He knew he would be killed. Rosenberg's lover had been murdered a few weeks before. 97 percent of murders go unsolved in Guatemala. Rosenberg was driven to investigate things, he told his friends, that would inevitably lead to his death. Just before he was killed, he recorded a video accusing the President, his wife and his top advisor of being behind his own and his lover's deaths, and calling for Guatemalans to rebel. The video went viral. Guatemalans took to the streets to call for the President's resignation.
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Original title I Will Be Murdered
Danish title Jeg bliver myrdet
Keywords Rosenberg, Rodrigo, Murder, Political systems, Conspirations, Guatemala, 2000-2009
Director Justin Webster
Screenplay Justin Webster
Producer Sumpta Ayuso
Director of Photography Lucas Gath
Editor Simón Hernández, Jesper Osmund
Production country Spain
Production company JWP Productions
International sales
TV release 11.06.2013, DR 2, Dokumania
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company JWP Productions
Co-production Plus Pictures
With support from MEDIA (EU), Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with BBC, ITVS, Canal+, Televisió de Catalunya S.A. - TVC


Direction Justin Webster


Script Justin Webster


Producer Sumpta Ayuso
Producer's assistant: Spain Kristina Rodemann
Producer's assistant: Guatemala Carlos del Valle
Executive producer: Spain Carles Porta
Executive producer: Denmark Mette Heide


Director of Photography Lucas Gath


Editor Simón Hernández
Editor Jesper Osmund

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