The secret of the ice flower

Jacob Ley, Denmark, 2012

27 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

The first time Humbug tries his hands on magic, he accidentally shoots Grandpa's magic wand far into the valley of the little green peas, where he meets Bogus, who changes his perception of life. The two friends return with a different, and somewhat more magical wand, than the one Grandpa has used his entire life. But when Humbug tries to master the art of magic a second time, he looses his Grandpa in the act. Bogus' unfailing good spirits inspires Humbug to reinvent the myth of his Grandpa, and ultimately to fight his own heritage, to save Bogus, and give the valley a magical show they'll never forget!

Jacob Ley is director of animation at Copenhagen Bombay, founded by former Zentropa producer Sarita Christensen and director Anders Morgenthaler in 2006 and by now a dynamic production company and animation studio with an ambition to nurture the offbeat and quirky sides of children and family entertainment
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Original title Isblomstens hemmelighed
Danish title Isblomstens hemmelighed
Keywords Magic, Fairy tales
Director Jacob Ley
Screenplay Jacob Ley
Producer Petter Lindblad
Director of Photography Anders Nydam, Rasmus Gaardhøje
Editor Elin Pröjts
Sound Morten Dalsgaard
Composer Morten Dalsgaard, Jacob Ley
Production designer Jonas Springborg
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Copenhagen Bombay Sales
International sales
Danish theatrical release 25.12.2012
Cinemas Albertslund Biograferne, Baltoppen Bio 1-2, CinemaxX, Empire samt 11 biografer i provinsen (Fra d. 26. december: Assens Bio. Fra d. 5. januar: Allerød Bio. Fra d. 6. januar: Ry Biograf. Fra d. 9. februar: Nikolai Biograf & Café). Som forfilm vistes Oscar-vinderen "The Lost Thing" ("Den Glemte Ting") fra 2010
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company
Executive Producer Copenhagen Bombay
Domestic distribution Copenhagen Bombay Sales


Direction Jacob Ley
Technical director Rasmus Gaardhøje


Script Jacob Ley
Script consultant Per Nielsen
Character developer Jacob Ley
Storyboard Jonas Springborg


Producer Petter Lindblad
Executive producer Sarita Christensen


Cinematographer Anders Nydam
Cinematographer Rasmus Gaardhøje


Editing Elin Pröjts


Music Morten Dalsgaard
Music Jacob Ley

Production design

Production design Jonas Springborg


Sound designer Morten Dalsgaard
Sound mixer Eddie Simonsen
Sound mixer Morten Dalsgaard


Voice Jacob Ley

Visual effects

Online and colorgrading Fateh Shams


Background designer Jonas Springborg
Character design Jonas Haxø
Character design Louise Muchardt
Animation Louise Muchardt
Animation Mads Buch
Compositor Jonas Haxø
Compositor Cedrik Roger Gérard Marquis
Compositor Jacob Ley
Lead model artist Thorvaldur Anfinnsson
Model artist Jonas Springborg
Model artist Nina Nymann
Technical support Kasper Bræmer


Narrator Jacob Ley

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2013-11-01
Poznan Ale Kino! International Children's Film Festival 2012-12-02
London Film Festival 2012-10-10
Stockholm Film Festival Junior 2012-05-07
Malmö, BUFF 2012-03-13
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Type Source Author Date
Anmeldelse Berlingske Tidende Jacob Wendt Jensen 2012-12-24
Anmeldelse Politiken-Fonden Soeren Vinterberg 2012-12-22
Anmeldelse Information Katrine Hornstrup Yde 2012-12-20
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