Signe Astrup, Denmark, 2007

22 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

The Danes are in the middle of an election campaign where they are facing a very difficult choice. Which animal is to be elected the national Danish mammal? They can choose between the fox, the fallow deer, the squirrel, the common dormouse and the pig. The main character of the movie, Jens Bonde is not particularly interested in the election, but one thing is for sure. He does not like the pig, despite he is the son of a pig farmer. In general, he disowns everything that has to do with pigs - just the mere thought of meat balls makes him ill in bed. Jens' wife Gitte is very concerned about her husband and his inexplicable symptoms that get worse day by day. When she finds out that Jens only can be cured by getting in contact with the animal he disowns - namely the pig - she decides to take action and do something about the matter. Soon after wards, Jens is a member of the Danish Pig Association who fights for the election of the pig as the national Danish mammal. The Huma-Porcellone Syndrome is a satirical short film concerning the Danes' relationship to the many millions of pigs living and dying in Denmark.
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Original title Huma-Porcellone-syndromet
Danish title Huma-Porcellone-syndromet
Director Signe Astrup
Screenplay Signe Astrup
Producer Mads Astrup
Director of Photography Krysztof Jarzebinski
Editor Mads Astrup
Sound Anja Riedel
Appearance Sigurd Emil Roldborg, Stine Holm Joensen, Katja Dyring, Anelia Alexandrova
Production country Denmark
Production company Odense Filmværksted, Sineast Filmproduction
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Production company Odense Filmværksted, Sineast Filmproduction


Direction Signe Astrup
Continuity Stygge Jensen


Screenplay Signe Astrup


Producer Mads Astrup
Location manager Michael Wichmann
Assistant Roar Trangbæk


Cinematographer Krysztof Jarzebinski
Camera assistant Buster Jensen


Editor Mads Astrup


Music Matias la Cour

Production design

Set dresser Maren Schmith Astrup


Costume on set Maren Schmith Astrup


Makeup artist Lilly Mertz
Makeup artist Maja Wendel Rytter Hansen


Sound engineer Anja Riedel
Sound assistant Mathies S. Astrup
Sound mixer Matias la Cour

Visual effects

Graphic design Morten Nobel


Jens Bonde Sigurd Emil Roldborg
Gitte Bonde Stine Holm Joensen
Eva Nielsen Katja Dyring
Turist fra Bulgarien Anelia Alexandrova
Turist fra Schweiz Thomas Hailer
Turist fra Indien Dipen Amitabh Patel
Turist fra USA Maria Madsen
Turist fra Brasilien Linda Frøkjær Jensen
Turist fra Tyskland Ivan Jensen
Turist fra Tyskland Bitten Yvette Jakobsen
Turist fra Tyskland Kristoffer Jakobsen

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