Jacob Tschernia, Denmark, 2005

12 min.DK/Short fiction

The event: Juniors' National High Diving team-competition. The favourites from Sparta meet the outsiders from Hermes. The parents, the coaches, the cheerleaders and the rest of the crowd are all in the arena. After a perfect start, Hermes' great hope, Thomas, blows his second dive. For a moment, the faith of the team lies in the hands of his team-mates. Ultimately, Thomas gets another chance. While Thomas gets ready, silence slowly spreads throughout the arena. From the top board, Thomas looks down upon all those who hope he will succeed! But can he take the pressure? »Fear of Heights« is a film about ambition and the pressure generated by - one's own and others' - expectations.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Højdeskræk
Danish title Højdeskræk
Keywords Sport, Competitive sports, Ambitions, Fear
Director Jacob Tschernia
Screenplay Jacob Tschernia
Director of Photography Lars Bonde
Editor Simon Kristiansen, Adam Nielsen
Composer Nicklas Schmidt
Appearance Kristian Leth, Lars Bom, Erik Holmey, Jeanne Boel
Production country Denmark
Production company Zentropa Productions2
International sales Zentropa Productions2 ApS
Technical info color
Danish festival release 14.09.2005, Cinemateket, Buster Film Festival
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Zentropa Productions2


Direction Jacob Tschernia


Script Jacob Tschernia
Script supervisor Sedsel Andersen


Production Charlotte Vinther
Production Una Voetmann


Cinematography Lars Bonde


Stills Lars Bonde


Editing Simon Kristiansen
Editing Adam Nielsen


Music Nicklas Schmidt


Sound assistant Mikkel Sørensen


Thomas Kristian Leth
Thomas' træner Lars Bom
Far Erik Holmey
Mor Jeanne Boel
Kåre Jon Lange
Kåres træner Jens Jørn Spottag
Svømmer Dennis Haladyn
Janus Per Bang Thomsen
Tilskuer Randy Fryd
Tilskuer Sanne Juul Bojko
Tilskuer Dennis Grønvold
Tilskuer Morten B. Petersen

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Malmö, BUFF 2006-03-14
Det Danske Filminstitut registrerer international festivaldeltagelse og priser til danske film, dog primært de titler, som Filminstituttet varetager i sin festivaldistribution, og primært i forbindelse med de festivaler, som Filminstituttet har prioriteret at samarbejde med. Registreringen af festivaldeltagelse og priser til danske film, der ikke er i festivaldistribution, foretages kun for "launch"-festivaler ifølge Filminstituttets prioriterede festivalliste. Se listen over prioriterede festivaler.