Little Galaxies

Max Kestner, Denmark, 2020

80 min.DK/Documentary

Elisabet wakes up one night and isn't sure if it was her own scream that woke her. At the same time Lucia crosses Plaza Tetuan and is hit by a wind that awakens a childhood memory. Both women carry a loss. We don't know how it is to be the person that sits next to us on the metro. Sometimes we still find ourselves reaching out for him or her. Sometimes we get a hold while other times they slip through our fingers. One Thursday, Elisabet and Lucia ride the same metro in the direction of Pobleneu.
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Original title Little Galaxies
Danish title Little Galaxies
Director Max Kestner
Screenplay Max Kestner
Producer Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
Director of Photography Max Kestner
Editor Max Kestner
Sound Peter Albrechtsen
Composer Flemming Nordkrog, Jomi Massage
Appearance Lucía H. Torres, Elisabet Solé Roca
Production country Denmark
Production company Mystery Films
International sales Mystery Films
Comment Films by Max Kestner include 'The World in Denmark' (2007), 'Dreams in Copenhagen' (2009), 'I Am Fiction' (2012), 'Amateurs in Space' (2016) and his first fiction feature, 'Man Divided' (2017).
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company Mystery Films
Co-production Danish Documentary Production
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Max Kestner
Assistant director Mar Esteban
Assistant director Mar Esteban


Screenplay Max Kestner
Research Mar Esteban


Producer Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
Associate producer Kasper Lykke Schultz
Post-production supervisor Anders V. Christensen
Post-production assistant Martin Munck Schmidt


Cinematographer Max Kestner


Editor Max Kestner
Consultant Charlotte Munk
Consultant Theis Smith
Consultant Julius Krebs Damsbo
Consultant Arne Bro
Consultant Jacob Schulzinger


Composer Flemming Nordkrog
Composer Jomi Massage


Sound engineer Peter Albrechtsen
Mixer Peter Albrechtsen
Mixer Lars Halvorsen
B-sound designer Mikkel Nielsen
B-sound designer Lars Halvorsen
Foley artist Martin Langenbach
Foley recordist Christoph Oertel

Visual effects

Colorist Anders V. Christensen
Graphic design Jess Andersen
Online Sebastian Anton Munk
Colorist Assistent Eliott Becheau


Appearance Lucía H. Torres
Appearance Elisabet Solé Roca

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