Gushegu Exile

Emil Nørgaard Munk, Denmark, 2018


In Gushegu, Ghana around 70 women live in exile. They are all victims of Witch-hunt and have been chased away from their hometowns. Often their fate is decided by the way a beheaded hen lands on the ground.
The local ngo Witch-hunt Victims Empowerment Project are making it possible for some of these women to return home. Often thay have to stay in exile for 10-15 years before the return is possible and only after many and lengthy talks with family, accuser and local chiefs are the women allowed home.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Gushegu Exile
Danish title Gushegu Exile
Keywords 2010-2019, Ghana, Witch hunt, Superstition, Women, Women's conditions, Christianity
Director Emil Nørgaard Munk
Producer Kasper Lykke Schultz
Director of Photography Nicholas Bluff
Editor Fanni Liv Engelbrecht
Production country Denmark
International sales
Danish festival release 15.03.2018, Cinemateket, CPH:DOX 2018
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Production company
Executive Producer Don't Think Twice Film
With support from Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Emil Nørgaard Munk


Producer Kasper Lykke Schultz


Cinematographer Nicholas Bluff


Editor Fanni Liv Engelbrecht

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