Their Silver Wedding

Lau Lauritzen Sr., Denmark, 1920

17 min.DK/Short fictionComedy, Comedy, Farce, FarceSilent films

Even though the Gommesens have been married for 25 years, they are still in love. They wake up happy on their silver wedding anniversary, but the peaceful atmosphere does not last. The couple ends up in a huge fight causing Mrs. Gommesen to leave the house in fury. Her husband’s anger quickly fades when Lawyer Vinkel makes a surprise visit, delivering a present from Gommesen’s rich uncle in Chicago: A check of 25.000 DKK. Learning that it can only be cashed on the condition, that the Gommesens lead a happy, peaceful life together, Mr. Gommesen rushes out to find his precious wife. Will he make it in time or is he forced to give up the fortune?
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Original title En Sølvbryllupsdag
Danish title En Sølvbryllupsdag
International titles Die silberne Hochzeit, Ribadouille veut divorce, Las bodas de plata de los Machaca
Other titles Smaa Konflikter
Director Lau Lauritzen Sr.
Screenplay Aage Brodersen
Director of Photography Hugo J. Fischer
Appearance Oscar Stribolt, Lauritz Olsen, Olga Svendsen, Aage Bendixen
Production country Denmark
Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama
International sales
Technical info 374 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 20.04.1920
Cinemas Palads
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Lau Lauritzen Sr.


Script Aage Brodersen


Cinematography Hugo J. Fischer


Appearance Oscar Stribolt
Appearance Lauritz Olsen
Appearance Olga Svendsen
Appearance Aage Bendixen

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