Underneath the Skin

Michael Noer, Denmark, 2003

23 min.DK/DocumentaryFilm school films, Portrait films

This film is about Ole Ege, the manager of the Museum of Erotica, Copenhagen, and the former director of pornographic movies. Ulla was one of his models but she vanished long ago. Ole is trapped by the strange forces of love in the borderland between drama and reality, sensuality and pornography, love and destruction. We are all alike underneath the skin. The film is a portrait of a man seeking love, a man who loves life and seeks love. You are what you love. Nobody should try to erase that.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title En rem af huden
Danish title En rem af huden
Other titles Afgangsfilm 2003
Keywords Ege, Ole, Copenhagen, Museums, Erotisism, Love
Director Michael Noer
Producer Nikolaj Tarp
Director of Photography Camilla Hjelm Knudsen
Editor Adam Nielsen
Sound Peter Schou
Composer Michael Blicher
Appearance Ole Ege
Production country Denmark
Production company Den Danske Filmskole
International sales
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole


Direction Michael Noer
Assistant director Mads Matthiesen


Producer Nikolaj Tarp
Production Karoline Leth
Production Julie Tarding
Research Stig Reinicke
Research Camilla Glad


Cinematography Camilla Hjelm Knudsen
Cinematographer: 2. unit Thomas Gerhardt

Electrical dept.

Lighting Michael Valentin


Editing Adam Nielsen


Music Michael Blicher


Sound Peter Schou

Visual effects

Colourist Jonas Drehn
Graphic design Robert Depuis

Other credits

Consultant Sami Saif
Consultant Christoffer Boe
Consultant Per K. Kirkegaard
Consultant Camilla Skousen
Consultant Arne Bro


Appearance Ole Ege

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