The Boy Below

Morten Giese, Denmark, 2002

30 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films

Anders is 10 years-old and has one great passion and that is diving. He is going on holiday to Greece with his dad, whose behaviour is erratic due to his heavy drinking. They are secretive about their holiday, because the social welfare would stop them going if they knew. Only Grandmother knows. In Greece Anders takes up his diving, but Dad isn't able to keep sober ... and consequently Anders has nobody to turn to.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Dykkerdrengen
Danish title Dykkerdrengen
Other titles Kortfilm til mellemtrinnet 2
Keywords Fathers, Children, Alcohol abuse, Family life, Diving
Director Morten Giese
Screenplay Morten Giese, Kim Leona
Producer Birgitte Skov
Director of Photography Manuel Alberto Claro
Editor Mikkel E.G. Nielsen
Sound Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
Composer Halfdan E
Production designer Vibeke Brinck
Appearance Luke McQuillan, Mads Mikkelsen, Malene Schwartz, Helle Fagralid
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut
International sales DR International Sales
Technical info 35 mm, color
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Nimbus Film
Domestic distribution Danske Filminstitut


Direction Morten Giese


Script Morten Giese
Script Kim Leona


Producer Birgitte Skov


Cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro


Stills Todd Heffelfinger


Editing Mikkel E.G. Nielsen


Music Halfdan E


Production design Vibeke Brinck


Wardrobe Françoise Nicolet


Makeup Louise Hauberg Nielsen


Sound Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen


Anders Luke McQuillan
Anders' far Mads Mikkelsen
Farmor Malene Schwartz
Rejseleder Helle Fagralid

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Awards and nominations

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Award Year Festival
Best Short Fiction Film 2003 Odense Internationale Film Festival 2003

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 2004-04-27
Stockholm Film Festival Junior 2004-03-28
Malmö, BUFF 2004-03-09
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage 2003-10-30
Malmö Nordisk Panorama 2003-09-23
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2003-08-13
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2003-08-11
Locarno, Festival internazionale del film 2003-08-06
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