The Gentle Pain

Carsten Brandt, Denmark, 2014

280 min.DK/Feature

A film director fights his way through a blizzard to a house that once belonged to a world-famous author, Thorkild Hansen (1927-1989). The director breaks into the house and steals copious amounts of material he takes with him to a hideout in a small Swedish cinema. The director spends months in a desperate struggle to come to grips with the vast material as he attempts to turn it into the poetic, painful film he has dreamed of making for so many years. The peace and quiet in which he expects to work is interrupted by a Swedish woman, who has also hidden away in the town since the breakup of her marriage.
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Original title Den milde smerte
Danish title Den milde smerte
Director Carsten Brandt
Screenplay Carsten Brandt
Producer Tom Winther, Ulf Berggren
Director of Photography Jean-Yves Dion, Sigurdur Sverrir Pálsson
Editor Sigurdur Sverrir Pálsson
Composer Stig Christensen
Production designer Klaus Kristensen, Alexander Michael Cronström
Appearance Caspar Phillipson, Laure Calamy, Michelle Figlarz, Carsten Brandt
Production country Denmark
Production company Posthus Teatret
Domestic distribution Posthus Teatret
International sales Posthus Teatret ApS
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company Posthus Teatret
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, Svenska Filminstitutet
In collaboration with DR
Domestic distribution Posthus Teatret


Direction Carsten Brandt


Screenplay Carsten Brandt


Producer Tom Winther
Producer Ulf Berggren


Cinematographer Jean-Yves Dion
Cinematographer Sigurdur Sverrir Pálsson


Stills Jean-Yves Dion


Editor Sigurdur Sverrir Pálsson


Composer Stig Christensen

Production design

Production designer Klaus Kristensen
Production designer Alexander Michael Cronström


Sound Alexander Michael Cronström


Appearance Caspar Phillipson
Appearance Laure Calamy
Appearance Michelle Figlarz
Appearance Carsten Brandt
Appearance Kasper Leisner
Appearance Rut Cronström
Appearance Erik Tors
Appearance Bryan Sounders
Appearance Kirstine Brandt
Appearance Helene Gross
Appearance Tine Blichmann
Appearance Misha Ringgaard
Appearance Stine Faartoft
Appearance Mikkel Faartoft

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