Den gode strømer

Lasse Spang Olsen, Denmark, 2004

86 min.DK/Feature

A crew of young, small-time crooks screws up. Ripping off a shipping container of Chinese silk for a Rasta gang, they also come away with two and a half kilos of heroin belonging to the Latvian mafia. A friend of theirs, Jens (Kim Bodnia), a plainclothes cop, tries to mediate, but instead all barrels are turned on him. The Latvians and the Chinese want him. Jamaican dope growers, ice-cold Serbian heroin dealers and Polish human smugglers are gunning for him. And to top it all off, he also has to dodge his fellow officers, backed by the scuba corps and elite-forces soldiers, to save his young friends.
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Original title Den gode strømer
Danish title Den gode strømer
Director Lasse Spang Olsen
Screenplay Lasse Spang Olsen, Kim Bodnia
Director of Photography Lasse Spang Olsen
Editor Lasse Spang Olsen
Sound Henrik Gugge Garnov
Composer George Keller
Appearance Kim Bodnia, René Dif, Nicolas Bro, Robert Hansen
Production country Denmark
Production company Endaxi Film
Domestic distribution Sandrew Metronome
International sales Endaxi Film I/S
Technical info 35 mm, 1,85:1 - Widescreen, color, Dolby SR
Danish theatrical release 16.04.2004
Cinemas Palads, Albertslund Biograferne, Drive In Bio, Gladsaxe Bio, BioCity (Tåstrup), Kastrup Bio, Baltoppen Bio 1-2, Gentofte Kino, Bio Værløse, CinemaxX, Empire, Kinopalæet (Lyngby) samt 46 biografer i provinsen inkl. Grønland
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Endaxi Film
Domestic distribution Sandrew Metronome


Direction Lasse Spang Olsen


Script Lasse Spang Olsen
Script Kim Bodnia


Production Nina Lyng
Executive producer Henrik Møller-Sørensen


Cinematography Lasse Spang Olsen


Still photographer Jacob Banke Olesen


Editing Lasse Spang Olsen


Music George Keller


Wardrobe Pernille Frydensberg


Sound engineer Henrik Gugge Garnov


Stunt coordinator Stig Günther
Stunt performer Martin Spang Olsen


Jens Kim Bodnia
Thomas René Dif
Mulle Nicolas Bro
"Farfar" Robert Hansen
Anders Kenneth Carmohn
"JO" Kenneth Fogel
Bitten Lene Tiemroth
Hans Kjeld Nørgaard
Louise Iben Hjejle
Per Thomas Bo Larsen
Sune Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Manfred Jens Okking
Earth Earth Reeves
Pølsemand Jean Schmücker

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