The Blue Orchid

Carl Marott, Denmark, 2020

79 min.DK/Feature

Casper is a young photographer living in his own studio with his girlfriend and business partner. Together they make a living from small commercial jobs, but Casper feels unfulfilled and stuck in life. One day, his old mentor introduces him to a man who runs a shady video business. Casper gets hired and is slowly seduced into a strange mystery that completely twists his sense of reality and leaves his real-life relationships in pieces.
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Original title Den blå orkidé
Danish title Den blå orkidé
Director Carl Marott
Screenplay Carl Marott, Hans Frederik Jacobsen
Producer Per Damgaard Hansen
Director of Photography Anders Nydam
Editor Frederik Strunk, Carl Marott
Composer Mads Forsby
Production designer Gustav Pontoppidan
Appearance Joachim Fjelstrup, Julie Grundtvig Wester, Shelly Levy, Al Agami
Production country Denmark
International sales Paloma Productions
Comment Feature debut by Carl Marott, a 2013 graduate of the National Film School of Denmark. His graduation film, 'The Oasis,' was nominated for a Student Academy Award.
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Production company
Executive Producer Paloma Productions
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Carl Marott


Screenplay Carl Marott
Screenplay Hans Frederik Jacobsen


Producer Per Damgaard Hansen


Cinematographer Anders Nydam


Editor Frederik Strunk
Editor Carl Marott


Composer Mads Forsby

Production design

Production designer Gustav Pontoppidan


Sound Kristoffer Salting
Sound Brian Dyrby

Visual effects

VFX Birk von Brockdorff Pedersen
VFX Gustav Pontoppidan


Appearance Joachim Fjelstrup
Appearance Julie Grundtvig Wester
Appearance Shelly Levy
Appearance Al Agami

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