The Arctic Camels

Karl Emil Rikardsen, Norway, 2019

75 min.Series (documentary)

Boy wished for horses, but got camels. The true story of the world's northernmost camels. On a large island far north in Norway, Torarin (9) and his sister Svalin (12) live. They have moved from the city with their parents and want to live close to nature, the sea and the animals. When the siblings want a horse, their parents buy two Mongolian camels instead. The family soon discovers that camel training is not a walk in the park. Therefore, they decide to go to Mongolia to find a real camel trainer. After many wonderful experiences and encounters with people and animals, they find a candidate deep inside the Great Gobi Desert. But they are not fully prepared for Mongolian training methods. Will the camel trainer be able to train Bor and Bestla to become riding camels?
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title De arktiske kameler (oversigt)
Danish title De arktiske kameler (oversigt)
Included titles The Arctic Camels 1:3
The Arctic Camels 2:3
De arktiske kameler 3:3
Director Karl Emil Rikardsen
Screenplay Karl Emil Rikardsen, Bodil Kjærhauge, Tell Aulin
Producer Knut Skoglund
Director of Photography Viggo Knudsen, Karl Emil Rikardsen
Editor Tell Aulin, Bodil Kjærhauge, Klaus Heinecke
Sound Rune Hansen
Composer Ville Langfeldt, Jakop Janssønn
Appearance Torarin Sætereng, Svalin Sætereng, Oddveig Iren Digre Sætereng, Øystein Kvaløy Sætereng
Production country Norway, Denmark, Sweden
International sales
Online release 21.11.2019, Filmcentralen
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Production company
Executive Producer Relation04
Co-production Toolbox Film, Giraff Film, Filmpool Nord
With support from Norsk Filminstitutt, Filmfond Nord, Nordnorsk Filmcenter, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Kulturstiftelsene Sparebank 1 Nordnorge, NRK, Det Danske Filminstitut, DR, Filmpool Nord, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Creative Europe
In collaboration with Pomor Film AS


Direction Karl Emil Rikardsen
Consultant Mette Cheng Munthe Kaas
Consultant Elisabeth Rasmussen


Screenplay Karl Emil Rikardsen
Screenplay Bodil Kjærhauge
Screenplay Tell Aulin
Dramaturge Trine Breum
Consultant Jesper Osmund


Producer Knut Skoglund
Line producer Karl Emil Rikardsen
Co-producer Maria Stevnbak Westergren
Co-producer Anna Björk
Co-producer Katja Härkönen
Production assistant Snorre Aun Sætereng
Production assistant Lin Jo Skytte
Post-production assistant Frederik Marbell


Cinematographer Viggo Knudsen
Cinematographer Karl Emil Rikardsen


Still photographer Martin Losvik


Editor Tell Aulin
Editor Bodil Kjærhauge
Editor Klaus Heinecke


Composer Ville Langfeldt
Composer Jakop Janssønn


Recording engineer Jonas Jessen
Sound designer Rune Hansen

Visual effects

Online Anders V. Christensen
Grading Anders V. Christensen


Appearance Torarin Sætereng
Appearance Svalin Sætereng
Appearance Oddveig Iren Digre Sætereng
Appearance Øystein Kvaløy Sætereng

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