The Experiment with Our Children

130 min.Series (documentary)

Denmark is the country in the world that sends children in day care facilities at the earliest age. In average, the kids are 10 months when they start in kindergarten or day-care. Here, the children are left with pedagogues 8 hours per day. Which consequences does that have for the children? Do we really know what happens during the children’s everyday life? The staffing in the day care facilities have been steadily declining since the 1990’s and the staff are under more and more pressure. But what does that mean for the children? The children are left in an unhealthy environment where the adults suffer from stress. TV2 looks behind the facade and investigates how the circumstances really are. An honest and open insight into how the everyday life is for the children in Danish day care facilities.
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Original title Daginstitutioner bag facaden
Danish title Daginstitutioner bag facaden
International titles Day Care Facilities Behind the Facade
Other titles Eksperimentet med vores børn
Director Irene Thyrri, Jacob Adrian Mikkelsen, Laura Hansen
Director of Photography Carsten Overbye, Kristian Friis, Mikael Ib Hansen, Emil Gerner, Rikke Adamsen
Editor Christian Dalsgaard, Ole Grønbæk
Composer Mathias Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution TV2 Danmark
International sales
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Production company
Executive Producer Dokumentar Kompagniet
With support from Public Service Puljen
Domestic distribution TV2 Danmark


Direction Irene Thyrri
Direction Jacob Adrian Mikkelsen
Direction Laura Hansen


Executive producer Lars Høj
Production manager Katrine Skipper
Production manager Kathrine Fuglsang
Editor Lars Høj
Editor Astrid Holck
Editor Pia Gustavson
Editor Anna Thyrri
Editor Anna Tornvig
Editor Lars Astrup Jensen
Editor Anne Rævskær Jørgensen
TV2 editor Lasse Bjerre


Cinematographer Carsten Overbye
Cinematographer Kristian Friis
Cinematographer Mikael Ib Hansen
Cinematographer Emil Gerner
Cinematographer Rikke Adamsen


Editor Christian Dalsgaard
Editor Ole Grønbæk


Composer Mathias Nielsen


Sound mixer Rune Thuelund
Sound mixer Troels Fløe Kristensen

Visual effects

Colourist Jakob Bønsdorff Eriksen
Graphic design Kasper Sonnich Toppenberg

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