51 min.DK/Documentary

Brendan was an anthropologist and travelled around the world to study foreign cultures and peoples. Right until he met the love of his life in Denmark and became the father of their child. With a non-Danish view of our small country, but with a self-irony that he must have picked up here, his own life becomes the subject of his professional and often funny perspective of being a father. It's a full-time job, since finding work is not so easy when you don't speak Danish. All vanity has long been disposed of, and 'Daddy' is an honest and unsentimental film with a warm heart.
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Original title Daddy – mit liv som husfar
Danish title Daddy – mit liv som husfar
Keywords Integration, 2020-2030
Director Lars Emil Leonhardt, Brendan Cooney
Screenplay Brendan Cooney
Producer Lars Emil Leonhardt
Director of Photography Lars Emil Leonhardt
Editor Lars Emil Leonhardt, Brendan Cooney
Composer Frederik Ebert, Lars Emil Leonhardt
Appearance Brendan Cooney, Ida Buhl
Production country Denmark
Production company Bullitt Film
International sales
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Production company Bullitt Film
With support from Filmværkstedet/København, DR


Direction Lars Emil Leonhardt
Direction Brendan Cooney


Screenplay Brendan Cooney
Script consultant Vibe Mogensen


Producer Lars Emil Leonhardt
Consultant: development Ida Buhl
Executive producer Vibeke Vogel


Cinematographer Lars Emil Leonhardt


Editor Lars Emil Leonhardt
Editor Brendan Cooney
Editor: development Rebekka Jørgensen


Composer Frederik Ebert
Composer Lars Emil Leonhardt


Sound mixer Sune Kaarsberg
Dialogue editor Simon Dyrberg

Visual effects

Graphic design Mia Selin
Colourist Anders V. Christensen
Online Sebastian Anton Munk


Appearance Brendan Cooney
Appearance Ida Buhl

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