Complaints Choir

Ada Bligaard Søby, Denmark, 2009

56 min.DK/Documentary

If you feel the need to complain one way could be yelling it out with fellow complainers in a choir. How to do it? Invite friends over - and some musicians! Find something to complain about. Sing it out loud on the streets and pass it on to the next town.

In this funny yet thought provoking documentary we follow the worldwide Complaints Choir created by the Finnish artists Tellervo & Oliver Kalleinen. The film centers on a number of choir members during the making of Complaints Choirs in Chicago, Singapore and beyond.

While following the creation of the choir songs, consisting alone of the participants complaints, the film delves on the questions; what is complaining? Why do so many people spend so much energy on it? Is it a basic manner of communication serving the purpose of emotional relief? And ultimately, what happens if people in a society are not at all allowed to complain?
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Original title Complaints Choir
Danish title Complaints Choir
Keywords Laments, Complaints Choir, Choir, 2000-2009
Director Ada Bligaard Søby
Producer Morten Kjems Juhl
Director of Photography Josh Nussbaum, Ada Bligaard Søby, Frederik Jacobi
Editor Charlotte Munch Bengtsen, Per K. Kirkegaard
Sound Roar Skov-Olsen
Production country Denmark
Production company Fine & Mellow
International sales
Danish festival release 07.11.2009, Grand, CPH:DOX
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Fine & Mellow


Direction Ada Bligaard Søby


Producer Morten Kjems Juhl


Cinematography Josh Nussbaum
Cinematography Ada Bligaard Søby
Cinematography Frederik Jacobi


Editing Charlotte Munch Bengtsen
Editing Per K. Kirkegaard


Sound Roar Skov-Olsen

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