Ove Nyholm, Flemming Colstrup, Denmark, 1977

105 min.DK/Documentary

Denmark's renowned social experiment, the Free City of Christiania, comes under loving scrutiny in this feature-length documentary. Sitting on the edge of metropolitan Copenhagen, the Free City is seen in all its splendor, some of it obviously problematic, of living with drugs, high-minded ideals, common sense, too, plus fanciful happenings to offset the often brutal ways of the world outside.
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Original title Christiania
Danish title Christiania
Other titles Christiania - en film om Fristaden og livet i Danmark
Keywords Christiania, 1970-1979, Copenhagen
Director Ove Nyholm, Flemming Colstrup
Director of Photography Dirk Brüel
Editor Søren Christensen
Sound Hans Packert
Composer Arne Würgler
Production country Denmark
Production company Filmpol
Domestic distribution Dan-Ina Film
Technical info 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Filmpol
Domestic distribution Dan-Ina Film


Direction Ove Nyholm
Direction Flemming Colstrup


Production manager Peter Lorenzen
Production manager Adam Schmedes
Production assistant Thomas Lund
Production assistant Trine Nyholm


Cinematography Dirk Brüel
Cinematographer Jean-Michel Carré
Cinematographer Teit Jørgensen
Cinematographer Andreas Fischer-Hansen
Cinematographer Katia Forbert Petersen
Cinematographer Bille August
Cinematographer Gregers Nielsen
Cinematographer Frank Paulsen
Cinematographer Morten Bruus
Cinematographer Kristoffer Nyholm


Editing Søren Christensen


Music Arne Würgler


Sound Hans Packert
Sound Gregers Troelsen
Sound Jon Branner
Sound Flemming Colstrup
Sound Sven Nørgård
Sound Niels Arild
Sound Søren Tom-Petersen

Special effects

Special effects David Wisnievitz


Animation Anders Sørensen
Animation Svend Christensen
Animation Rene Jalford
Animation Marianne Troutmann
Animation Linda Nystedt

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