The Wedding Night

Mads Tobias Olsen, Denmark, 1997

12 min.DK/Short fiction

Irene and Verner have been dead and burried for many years, but their love lives on with such intensity that once a year, on the anniversary of their wedding night, they can leave the graves and dance the night away in each others arms...if they can otherwise still hold one another. A romantic zombie musical comedy about the wretched of Earth, which posits that Love is stronger than Death.
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Original title Bryllupsnatten
Danish title Bryllupsnatten
Director Mads Tobias Olsen
Screenplay Mads Tobias Olsen
Producer Mads Tobias Olsen
Director of Photography Anders Löfstedt
Editor Marie-Louise Bordinggaard
Sound Allan Holmberg, Allan Holmberg
Composer Halfdan E
Appearance Teis Bayer, Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis, Bo Carlsson, Laura Kvist Poulsen
Production country Denmark
Production company Det Danske Filmværksted, Blitz Film
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted, Blitz Film


Direction Mads Tobias Olsen


Script Mads Tobias Olsen


Producer Mads Tobias Olsen


Cinematography Anders Löfstedt
Steadicam operator Edvard Friis-Møller
First assistant camera Henrik Lyngbo


Best boy Ian Hansen


Editing Marie-Louise Bordinggaard


Music Halfdan E


Costume designer Sidsel Post


Sound Allan Holmberg
Sound Allan Holmberg


Verner Borg Teis Bayer
Irene Borg Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis
Jimmy Bo Carlsson
Belinda Laura Kvist Poulsen
Ung kvinde Maria J. Tesch
Ung mand Daniel Frigast
Ældre kvinde Irma Bertelsen
Ældre mand Ove Bertelsen

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