Au pair

59 min.DK/DocumentaryFilm school films

In the film we meet 3 young philippine women with 3 different reasons to leave home - each with her own dream for the future. The three stories interchange into a singular story of a complex world, in which it is difficult to tell who is exploiting whom - and where money and emotions are corrupting each other.
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Original title Au pair
Danish title Au pair
Keywords Au pair, Au pair girls, Denmark, Domestic help, Maids, Migrant workers, 2010-2019, Philippines, The, Family life, Families, Working conditions
Director Heidi Kim Andersen, Nicole N. Horanyi
Producer Helle Faber
Director of Photography Henrik Bohn Ipsen, Nicole N. Horanyi, Niels Thastum
Editor Steen Johannessen
Sound Morten Green
Composer Uno Helmersson
Production country Denmark
Production company Made in Copenhagen
Domestic distribution DR TV
International sales DR International Sales
Danish theatrical release 09.11.2011
Cinemas Dagmar CPH:DOX
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Made in Copenhagen
Domestic distribution DR TV


Direction Heidi Kim Andersen
Direction Nicole N. Horanyi
Translator Archie Magpantay
Translator Marc Belardo
Research Heidi Kim Andersen


Producer Helle Faber
Production manager: Manila Kristine Kintana


Cinematography Henrik Bohn Ipsen
Cinematography Nicole N. Horanyi
Cinematography Niels Thastum
Camera assistant: Manila Willy Fernandez


Stills Nicole N. Horanyi


Editing Steen Johannessen


Music Uno Helmersson


Sound engineer Morten Green

Visual effects

Graphic design Rasmus Lange
Colourist Lasse Marcussen
Technical chief Adam Bendixen

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Helsinki Doc Point Documentary Film Festival 2013-01-22
Tehran, Cinéma Vérité, Documentary Film Festival 2012-11-03
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012-06-20
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2012-03-09
Göteborg International Film Festival 2012-01-27
CPH:DOX 2011-11-03
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