Oliver Tonning, Denmark, 2011

17 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

The film is about a young quiet girl (Sofia), who experience a strong fascination with the female talent (Trine) in their fencing club, but when Trine gets selected to train in the big club Heidenhein in Germany, Sofia has only one evening to take action and find out what this fascination includes, but she is conflicted between her family and her own will. Sofia finally acknowledges that she must overcome her own limitations and make her own choices and engage in a last attempt to have this fascination clarified.
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Original title Allez
Danish title Allez
Director Oliver Tonning
Screenplay Oliver Tonning
Producer Marisól Ortiz
Director of Photography Nicholas Bluff
Casting Philip Christensen
Appearance Luise Skov, Anna Stokholm, Dan Zahle, Ann Hjort
Production country Denmark
Production company Københavns Film- & Fotoskole
International sales
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Production company Københavns Film- & Fotoskole


Direction Oliver Tonning
Casting Philip Christensen


Screenplay Oliver Tonning


Producer Marisól Ortiz


Cinematographer Nicholas Bluff


Appearance Luise Skov
Appearance Anna Stokholm
Appearance Dan Zahle
Appearance Ann Hjort
Appearance Thomas Kirk

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