66 Scenes From America

Jørgen Leth, Denmark, 1982

42 min.DK/Documentary

The film is a personal subjective impression, acutely sensed and perceived. The approach has been to register whatever exercises a fascination and place it in a surprising context. In Jørgen Leth's own words: »A documentary about the USA today. It embraces major and minor impressions, events, things, people, thoughts and feelings. It is a collection of pictures of a country which in many ways is strange and incomprehensible to us, but in which we nevertheless recognize a reflection of our own culture, and to which our dreams - whether we want them to or not - must bear a relation.«
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Original title 66 scener fra Amerika
Danish title 66 scener fra Amerika
Keywords Everyday life, Americans, 1980-1989, USA, Travels
Director Jørgen Leth
Screenplay Ole John
Director of Photography Dan Holmberg
Editor Kristian Levring
Sound Morning Pastorok, Jan Juhler
Appearance Jørgen Leth, Andy Warhol, Kim Larsen
Production country Denmark
Production company John & Leth Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
International sales
Technical info 465 meter, 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 26.03.1982
Cinemas Vester Vov Vov
TV release 09.09.1990, TV 2
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company John & Leth Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Jørgen Leth


Script Ole John


Production assistant Larry Confino


Cinematography Dan Holmberg


Editing Kristian Levring


Sound Morning Pastorok
Sound Jan Juhler


Appearance Jørgen Leth
Appearance Andy Warhol
Appearance Kim Larsen

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Festival screenings

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Festival Festival date
Lisbon Int. Documentary Film Festival 2010-10-14
Tehran, Cinéma Vérité, Documentary Film Festival 2008-10-15
Warszawa, Against Gravity 2008-05-09
Amsterdam, IDFA 2005-04-03
ZagrebDox 2005-02-22
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2004-10-26
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2003-10-13
Jeonju International Film Festival 2003-04-25
Amsterdam, IDFA 2002-11-21
Ghent Flanders Int. Film Festival 2000-10-10
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