Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Denmark, 2021

18 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

The young sculptress Sally is a passionate artist waiting for her career to take off. When she is offered to do a solo exhibition at a prominent museum it is a huge opportunity, but we soon find out that she is pregnant and due at the same time as the exhibition is supposed to take place. The sculpting work is very physically demanding and could potentially harm the pregnancy. Her boyfriend Fabian is happy for her but doesn't understand how she can be in doubt. What could be bigger than creating a child? At the end it is her choice whether to carry through with the pregnancy or accept the exhibition offer and live out her passion.
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Original title Hungud
Danish title Hungud
Director Sara Hjort Ditlevsen
Screenplay Amalie Olesen, Sara Hjort Ditlevsen
Producer Penelope Bjerregaard, Maria Møller Christoffersen
Director of Photography Jonatan Mose
Editor Ania de Sá
Sound Mia Joanna Koskela
Composer Anders Bernitt
Production designer Oskar Arnfred
Appearance Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Cyron Melville, Solbjørg Højfeldt
Production country Denmark
Production company Beofilm
International sales
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Production company Beofilm
With support from Filmværkstedet/København, Creative Europe, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Beckett-Fonden


Direction Sara Hjort Ditlevsen


Screenplay Amalie Olesen
Screenplay Sara Hjort Ditlevsen


Producer Penelope Bjerregaard
Producer Maria Møller Christoffersen


Cinematographer Jonatan Mose

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Tobias Juhl


Editor Ania de Sá


Composer Anders Bernitt

Production design

Production designer Oskar Arnfred


Costume on set Nanna Bernholm


Sound designer Mia Joanna Koskela


Sally Sara Hjort Ditlevsen
Fabian Cyron Melville
Henriette Visti Solbjørg Højfeldt

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